“WhatsApp’s Game-Changing Virtual Assistant: Meet LuzIA!”


Whatsapp new technology LuzIA

WhatsApp’s New Addition – LuzIA: WhatsApp, a product of Meta, has introduced a novel feature named LuzIA, an intelligent virtual assistant.

Revolutionizing Information Retrieval: LuzIA is transforming the way users search for information online within the WhatsApp platform, providing rapid and precise answers directly in the application.


LuzIA Technology powered by ChatGPT

LuzIA relies on ChatGPT technology for its functionality. ChatGPT is an advanced language model enabling human-like text-based interactions.

Versatile Information Access: LuzIA serves as a versatile tool, capable of addressing a wide spectrum of inquiries, from cooking recipes to household tips.

Communication with LuzIA: Users can engage with LuzIA via text messages, and WhatsApp employs Whisper, another technology by OpenAI, to transcribe audio into text, facilitating interactions.

Image Generation Feature: An intriguing aspect of LuzIA is its capacity to generate up to five images daily in response to commands incorporating the term “imagine.”


Ease of Interaction: To initiate interaction with LuzIA, users need to save its phone number in their contacts and commence a conversation on WhatsApp with the virtual assistant.

AI Integration: This development signifies the integration of artificial intelligence into communication platforms, simplifying the process of searching for information in a more intuitive manner.


Advancement in AI: LuzIA’s introduction reflects the continuous progression of AI technologies, improving user experiences through natural interactions and comprehensive responses.

Democratizing Information Access: The integration of LuzIA into WhatsApp democratizes access to information, making it more accessible and interactive for users.

Positive Impact: This integration illustrates how AI can enhance widely used communication platforms, ultimately benefiting users by streamlining information retrieval and broadening the scope of interaction possibilities.

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