“Discover ChatGPT’s New Voice and Image Features: A Game-Changer for AI Conversations and Visual Assistance!”

ChatGPT new update

Voice Conversations with ChatGPT: Now, ChatGPT can engage in conversations with you! You can have real-time dialogues with your AI companion, almost like having a conversation with a friend. Whether you’re on the move, need a bedtime story, or want to settle a dinner debate, ChatGPT’s voice feature is ready to assist.

To get started, simply go to the app’s Settings, select “New Features,” and enable voice conversations. After that, tap the headphone icon in the top-right corner to choose from five different voices. These voices have been crafted to sound like humans. Additionally, there’s Whisper, a feature that converts spoken words into text, enhancing the quality of your conversations.

Discover ChatGPT’s New Voice and Image Features

Image Interaction with ChatGPT: Here’s another exciting feature – you can share images with ChatGPT! It can help you troubleshoot problems, explore content, or understand complex data. Whether you’re trying to figure out why your grill isn’t working, planning a meal based on your fridge’s contents, or interpreting a data graph for work, ChatGPT can lend a hand.

To utilize this feature, tap the photo button to take a picture or choose one from your gallery. On iOS or Android, you can also add multiple images or use a drawing tool to guide your AI assistant. ChatGPT is equipped with advanced models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which can apply language skills to a wide range of visual content, including photos, screenshots, and documents containing text and images.

ChatGPT new update

Deployment for Safety: The rollout of voice and image capabilities is happening gradually for Plus and Enterprise users over the next two weeks. Voice is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and you can enable it through the settings. Image features will be accessible on all platforms.

O of the power of these new capabilities and is committed to ensuring their safety. When it comes to voice, they’ve collaborated with voice actors to make sure everything sounds authentic and secure. In fact, Spotify is also using this technology for its Voice Translation feature to expand the reach of podcasters by translating content into various languages using their own voices.

Regarding image input, OpenAI has implemented measures to prevent ChatGPT from making sensitive statements about individuals to protect their privacy. They’re actively listening to user feedback to make these safeguards even better while ensuring that the tool remains useful. So, enjoy these fantastic new features with peace of mind!

ChatGPT new update

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