“Lula’s Hip Surgery Recovery: Why Alckmin Won’t Be Acting President”

President’s Work Continues

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is scheduled for hip surgery to address hip joint issues. Surprisingly, Vice-President Geraldo Alckmin won’t be taking over as acting president during Lula’s Hip Surgery recovery. Lula has made it clear that he plans to keep working as usual and won’t travel until late November.

Lula’s Health and Staying Positive

Lula’s decision stems from his recent campaign experiences, where he endured pain but felt the need to stay optimistic for the people. He believes that undergoing surgery now might give the wrong impression that he’s struggling after winning the election due to age.

No Need for Lula to Step Aside

Geraldo Alckmin, the vice-president and minister of Development, Industry, Commerce, and Services, believes there’s no reason for President Lula to temporarily leave his duties. He considers the recovery period to be quite short, almost like a weekend, and therefore, there’s no requirement for Lula to take a break.

Lula’s Post-Surgery Plans

Following the surgery, President Lula is expected to stay in the hospital until October 3rd. During Lula’s Hip Surgery recovery, he will continue working from his official residence, Palácio da Alvorada, for up to four weeks. This arrangement aims to ensure a smooth transition during his healing process.

Lula’s Hip Surgery Recovery Details of the Surgery

Lula’s surgery involves a total hip arthroplasty on his right side. This procedure will replace the damaged parts in his hip joint with a prosthesis and will be performed under general anesthesia to relieve his pain.

Constitutional Protocol

According to Article 79 of the Constitution, the vice-president takes over when the president is unable to fulfill their duties or succeeds them in case of a vacancy. This legal provision outlines the order of presidential succession.

Hierarchy of Succession

In situations where the elected president is absent, the vice-president is the first in line to assume the role. If the vice-president is also unavailable, the next in line for presidential responsibility are the president of the Chamber of Deputies, the Federal Senate, and the Federal Supreme Court, respectively.

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