“President Lula’s Government: Public Opinion Shift Raises Concerns”

President Lula’s Government
Concerning Figures for President Lula’s Third Term
President Lula's Government

A recent survey has unveiled some alarming statistics concerning President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva’s third term in office. This study, carried out by the Poder Data institute, highlights a significant change in public sentiment.

Nearly Equal Approval and Disapproval Rates

In the ninth month of this year, the approval and disapproval rates of President Lula’s government are nearly tied. The data, gathered from September 24th to 26th, reveals that 48% of Brazilians favor his government, while 45% express disapproval. A minor 7% did not articulate a clear opinion.

Narrowing Gap in Public Opinion
President Lula's Government

It’s noteworthy that the disparity between those who endorse and those who disapprove of President Lula’s government has notably diminished. Presently, this gap stands at a mere 3 percentage points, marking the lowest level since his term commenced on January 1st. At that time, the gap was much more substantial, with 52% in favor compared to 39% in opposition.

Research Methodology

This research was conducted using phone interviews, encompassing both cell phones and landlines. A total of 2,500 interviews were conducted in 212 diverse municipalities spanning the country’s 27 states. The margin of error for this survey is a slender two percentage points, with a robust confidence level of 95%.

These statistics offer valuable insights into the present state of public opinion regarding President Lula’s government, featuring a notable shift in approval and disapproval rates.

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