“WhatsApp to Stop Working on 15 Cell Phones – Check if Yours is Affected!”

WhatsApp new uodates to discontinue support for 15 different models of cell phones and tablets starting from October 24th. These devices mostly run on older operating systems like Android 4.1.


This decision is in line with a similar move made in July when 35 other devices became incompatible with WhatsApp.

To keep using WhatsApp, your smartphone should have Android systems newer than 5.0, iOS newer than 12, or KaiOS 2.5.0 or later. Additionally, your device needs to support SMS for account verification.

Wondering if your phone is affected?

The changes will take effect on October 24, 2023. To check if your phone is on the list of affected devices, go to your device’s settings and find the software information tab. Here are the devices that will be affected:

  1. Galaxy Note 2
  2. Galaxy S2
  3. Galaxy Nexus
  4. Galaxy Tab 10.1
  5. Nexus 7
  6. One
  7. Desire HD
  8. Sensation
  9. Xoom
  10. Droid Razr
  11. Optimus 2X
  12. Optimus G Pro
  13. Xperia Z
  14. Xperia S2
  15. Xperia Arc 3

Why is WhatsApp doing this?

WhatsApp is taking these steps to ensure user data security and the app’s effectiveness. While it might be inconvenient for some users, it’s essential for maintaining the app’s quality and security standards.

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