"Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Continues Amid Property Concerns" Former President Donald Trump's civil fraud trial is ongoing, and there are concerns about the potential loss of his properties, including Trump Tower.

"Trial Proceeds Despite Trump's Attempt to Halt It" An appeals court judge rejected Trump's bid to pause the trial but allowed him to retain control of his properties during the proceedings.

"Trump's Reaction to the Trial" Trump called the trial a "witch hunt and a disgrace" and observed the proceedings in New York Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit.

"Legal Battle Over Trump's Business Licenses" Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling revoked Trump's business licenses and placed a court-appointed receiver in charge of his companies, leading to concerns about potential harm to employees.

"State's Offer and Defense's Concerns" The state had offered to maintain the business licenses until after the trial, but Trump's lawyers expressed concerns about the judge's stance on this offer.

"The Trial's Impact and Next Steps" The trial has been a significant endeavor with special arrangements for security, press access, and public involvement. The trial will continue, with Allen Weisselberg set to testify.

"Judge's Ruling and Unresolved Questions" Judge Engoron's ruling on Trump's alleged years of fraud remains a central issue, with questions about the potential impact on Trump's assets still pending.