Speaker McHenry Evicts Nancy Pelosi" "Representative Patrick McHenry, the new speaker pro tempore, orders Nancy Pelosi to vacate her office, citing 'speaker office use.'"

Pelosi's Response "Nancy Pelosi responds, calling the eviction 'a sharp departure from tradition' and mentioning her accommodations for former speaker Dennis Hastert."Title

"Pelosi's Current Location" "Pelosi is in California, attending the memorial services of Senator Dianne Feinstein, making it difficult for her to move her belongings.

"McHenry's Email" "McHenry's office emails Pelosi's office, instructing her to vacate the Capitol office space assigned for speaker use."

"McHenry's Role" "As speaker pro tempore, McHenry will preside over the House's next speaker selection and has significant procedural powers."

"McCarthy's Ouster" "Kevin McCarthy was voted out as speaker, marking a historic moment in U.S. politics."

McCarthy's Announcement" "McCarthy announces he won't run for speaker again and reflects on his speakership."

"Hard-Right Republicans" "A contingent of hard-right Republicans played a key role in McCarthy's ouster, driven by grievances and a debt deal."

"Debate and Disagreements" "The House witnessed a heated debate with disagreements about McCarthy's leadership, promises, and the government spending vote."

"Future Leadership" "The House Republican majority faces uncertainty in selecting a new speaker, as Democrats withhold their votes. President Biden hopes for a quick election of a new speaker."