Judge Orders New York to Pay NRA Legal Fees"

A New York judge has ruled that the state must pay nearly half a million dollars in legal fees to the National Rifle Association (NRA) following their significant Supreme Court victory.

Supreme Court Ruling

In a landmark decision last summer, the Supreme Court declared New York's public carry licensing law unconstitutional. The ruling upheld the Second Amendment as guaranteeing the right to carry a pistol in public.

Michael Jean, NRA’s director of the Office of Litigation Counsel, views the award as a pivotal victory, symbolizing the defense of Second Amendment rights.

NRA's Response

NRA's Legal Victory

After their involvement in the case, a New York judge ordered the state to pay $447,700.82 in legal fees to the NRA, marking a significant win for the gun rights group.

Legal Expenses Covered

Jean expressed gratitude for devoted NRA members whose generosity helped cover a substantial portion of the legal fees, emphasizing that New York refused to fully compensate.

Before the Supreme Court's ruling, New York's licensing standard required applicants to demonstrate "proper cause" for carrying a firearm, granting officials discretion.

Previous Licensing           Standard

Justice Clarence Thomas, in the court's opinion, affirmed that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to carry handguns for self-defense outside the home.

Justice Clarence Thomas's Opinion

Justice Stephen Breyer, in his dissenting opinion, cited statistics on gun violence and expressed concerns about the impact of the ruling on state efforts to regulate firearms.

Justice Stephen Breyer's Dissent

In response to the court's decision, New York legislators passed the Concealed Carry Improvement Act, introducing new regulations for carrying firearms in public places.

New York's Response

High Court's Decision

Gun retailers sought an emergency injunction against the new laws, but the Supreme Court rejected their bid, allowing New York's gun regulations to stand.