Pollster Predicts Trump Landslide in 2024 Pollster John McLaughlin predicts an electoral landslide for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. He points to Trump's rising poll numbers, Biden's low approval ratings, and voter dissatisfaction with the economy.

Trump Leads in National Poll McLaughlin cites a recent Morning Consult poll that showed Trump and Biden tied in the national popular vote. He also notes that Trump's poll numbers have risen as he has faced more legal opposition.

Voters Dissatisfied with Biden's Performance McLaughlin points to a recent poll that showed Biden with a 59 percent job disapproval rating. He also believes that voters see Trump as the victim of political persecution.

McLaughlin Predicts Electoral Landslide for Trump McLaughlin believes that Trump's rising poll numbers will lead to an electoral landslide victory in 2024. He identifies several toss-up states that he believes Trump will win, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Conclusion  John McLaughlin is a highly respected pollster with a proven track record. His prediction of an electoral landslide victory for Donald Trump in 2024 is based on his analysis of the current political landscape, as well as his understanding of the American electorate.