The Aging Immune System A healthy immune system is vital for defending the body, but as people age, it weakens, leaving them more susceptible to diseases. Scientists are studying this process in space to gain insights.

Space Accelerates Immune Aging Astronauts experience accelerated immune aging during spaceflight. The unique conditions of the International Space Station make it an ideal platform for researching immune system changes.

ISS National Lab's Role The ISS National Laboratory allows researchers to utilize the space station for a wide range of experiments, including immune system research, with the goal of improving life on Earth.

Tissue Chips in Space Discover how scientists are using tissue chips in space to unlock the secrets of the immune system. This research may lead to new treatments for compromised immune systems on Earth.

GeoXO Series Satellites NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is launching the GeoXO series, providing Earth observation capabilities to address environmental issues. The first satellite is set to launch by April 2032.

Contract for GeoXO Series Goddard plans to award a contract for the development and launch of GeoXO satellites. The contract spans 15 years, including on-orbit operations and storage.

Transitioning to Commercial Space NASA is working on transitioning its low Earth orbit operations to the private sector after the International Space Station's retirement. Industry feedback is crucial for this transition.

Human-Rating Standards NASA is establishing human-rating standards for commercial space destinations. The agency wants to ensure safety and reliability in low Earth orbit operations.

Broad Industry Feedback NASA welcomes feedback from all companies, aiming to encourage innovation and reduce costs in the commercial space industry as it moves away from direct operation.

NASA's Vision for the Future NASA's goal is to create a thriving commercial marketplace in low Earth orbit, allowing the agency to focus on lunar and Mars missions while maintaining a presence in space for research and technology development.