Kevin McCarthy Ousted as House Speaker House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted by a motion to vacate, filed by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, in an unprecedented move. McCarthy had struck a deal with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

McCarthy Confirms He Won't Run Again Kevin McCarthy confirmed that he won't run for Speaker again. Speculation arises about who could replace him, with some suggesting former President Donald Trump.

Trump Considered for Speaker Role Prominent figures on the right, including Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon, suggest Donald Trump could become the next Speaker, although this would be unprecedented.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Supports Trump Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene passionately supports Donald Trump for Speaker, citing his achievements during his presidency.

Troy Nehls Nominates Trump Texas Representative Troy Nehls nominates Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House, praising Trump's record of putting America first.

Jim Jordan's Perspective Ohio Representative Jim Jordan expresses uncertainty about Trump as Speaker but emphasizes the importance of Trump running for president again.

Republicans Pitch Trump as Speaker After McCarthy's ouster, Republicans are considering Donald Trump as a potential replacement, aiming to stand united against the government.

Gaetz Leads McCarthy's Ouster Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a Trump supporter, led the move to oust McCarthy, with support from other Republicans and Democrats, leaving the Speaker's office vacant.

rump's Eligibility as Speaker The U.S. Constitution technically allows Donald Trump to replace McCarthy as Speaker, but he would need to secure 218 votes, which may be challenging without Democratic support.

Trump's Reaction to Chaos Former President Trump expressed dismay about Republican infighting but did not directly respond to McCarthy's ouster.