"Russia's Nuclear-Powered Missile: Burevestnik's Test Success" - Introduction: President Putin announces the successful test of the Burevestnik missile, a game-changer in global warfare.

Burevestnik Overview - Key Points: Burevestnik, an extremely long-range cruise missile, powered by nuclear propulsion. - Quote: Putin - "Last successful test carried out."

The "Flying Chernobyl" - Nickname: "The Flying Chernobyl" - Intelligence: American intelligence claims it never flew more than 22 miles.

History of Failures - Past Tests: Previous Burevestnik tests ended in failure. - Tragic Incident: 2019 crash that killed five scientists.

Missile's Potential - Destructive Power: Experts warn it could destroy large urban areas and military targets. - Limited Information: Little is known about the missile's design.

International Concern - International Reaction: Concerns about Russia's move in the wrong direction. - Arms Control Association: Daryl G. Kimball's perspective.

Satellite Imagery - Satellite Images: Indicate preparations for missile tests. - US Surveillance: Increased activity, possible concern from Washington.

Missile's Range - Designed Range: Estimated at around 14,000 miles. - Past Failures: Missile failed to reach its range in previous tests.

Potential Use - Second-Strike Weapon: Burevestnik designed for use after nuclear strikes. - Nuclear Payload: Likely to carry a nuclear warhead.

Arms Race Concerns - Nuclear Arms Treaty: Implications if Burevestnik is put into use. - New START Treaty: Set to expire in 2026, concerns of an uncontrolled arms race.