Apple weighed buying Bing but kept lucrative deal with Google

Apple had considered launching its own search engine but decided against it

Apple leveraged Bing to negotiate a better deal with Google

Apple's revenue-sharing deal with Google is worth up to $19 billion

Google has a 90% market share in search

Other tech giants have also considered launching their own search engines but have abandoned the idea

Apple's decision to keep Bing as a bargaining chip raises antitrust concerns

Some experts say Apple could have competed with Google if it had launched its own search engine

Others say it would have been difficult for Apple to compete with Google's dominance in the search market

The Google antitrust trial is ongoing and could have a significant impact on the tech industry

Additional information: 1. Microsoft has reportedly offered Apple more money than Google to make Bing the default search engine on iPhones. 2. Apple has said that it rejected Microsoft's offer because it was not convinced that Bing could compete with Google. 3. Some critics have argued that Apple's decision to keep Bing as a bargaining chip is anti-competitive. 4. The Google antitrust trial is expected to last several more months and could result in a major settlement or even a breakup of Google.