“iPhone 12 Update: Resolving Emission Issues and Gaining Approval in France”

iPhone 12 Update Solves Emission Issue and Gets Green Light in France
iPhone 12

In an unexpected twist, the iPhone 12 faced a ban in France because it was emitting more electromagnetic waves than the country’s rules allowed. This took Apple by surprise, especially since all the attention was on the newer iPhone 15 series. Despite the iPhone 12 being a bit older, Apple didn’t give up. They released a software update to lower the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), allowing them to sell the phone in France once again.

Apple’s Update Does the Trick for iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Apple’s software update turned out to be a success. The update managed to lower the SAR levels to meet the French standards. According to a report from ANFR, the SAR level dropped to 3.94W/kg after the update. Now, it’s up to Apple to make sure all iPhone 12 users in France get this update, and this strange incident can be put behind them.

Understanding What SAR Values Mean
iPhone 12

There’s often confusion about SAR values in smartphones. SAR measures how fast the body absorbs radiofrequency (RF) energy from devices like smartphones. The goal is to ensure that these devices stay within safety limits set by organizations like the FCC. Every smartphone must meet these safety standards, which are set much lower than levels that experts consider harmful. If you’re concerned about exposure, you can reduce it by using speakerphone or hands-free accessories and keeping the phone away from your head or body.


Regulators set safety standards that companies must meet, and the iPhone 12 initially met those standards when it first launched. However, a change in testing criteria made it fall short of ANFR’s guidelines. This situation raises questions about whether stricter tests might find more smartphones exceeding safe SAR values. But for now, it’s reassuring to know that a simple software update resolved the issue for the iPhone 12, making it safe to use in France once again.

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