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Bruno Mars has a tattoo and claims that the singer’s songs have helped with anxiety crises: “I’m done with him,”

Bruno Mars will perform twice in September, on the 3rd and 10th, at The Town in So Paulo, for a resident of Santos (SP). The festival’s sole main attraction that is scheduled to appear across two nights is a singer.

A Santos businesswoman in the So Paulo metropolitan area got a tattoo honoring the singer Bruno Mars. Caroline Santos told that she was diagnosed with Transtorno de Ansiedade Generalizada (TAG) during the pandemic and that the artist’s music helped to calm her down during crises.

Bruno Mars traveled to Brazil for a joint performance at The Town in So Paulo. The event began on Saturday (2) and ran through the following days: 3, 7, 9, and 10. The 37-year-old singer performs on stage on days 3 and 10 and will be the only main attraction to do so throughout the course of two evenings at the festival.

Caroline attends the artist’s fan club and will attend both of the show days. She claimed that she never goes a day without listening to the singer’s music.

“Bruno Mars represents care and comfort. Since the beginning of his career, I have loved everything of his music. But after the pandemic, things became wrose. He served as a means of escape for me during the anxiety attacks.I’m still upset about him today.

Loucura of Faith

The biggest fan prank, according to the businesswoman, was the tattoo honoring the artist. The 35-year-old tattooist Fernando Esc’s creative process and end product.

The artist’s face and the name “Mars” written below signify Caroline’s love for the singer. “Everyone recognized a loucura. Especially my father, who detested tattoos. He looked at her and said, “I don’t believe you are doing this. Everyone knows you are a louch. What if you stop enjoying him?” People don’t know how. I’ve loved him ever since he was created, the friend recalled.


Fernando, who is also from Santos (SP), just relocated to Florianópolis and opened the Estadio Alma Floripa, where Caroline’s tattoo was created. The artist revealed that she loves creating works of art that pay tribute to musicians and bands because her very first tattoos also featured the names of artists she admires.

“My users who are also interested in music and artists typically choose me to represent them because I speak their language. I’m extremely happy to be taking part in everything, to be able to combine the music and tattoo arts, and to honor an artist that works with people’s lives, said the tattoo artist.

The businesswoman stated that she now has high expectations for seeing the musician perform live for the first time at The Town.”I’ll be there dancing and giggling, adulated. I’m going to cry, without a doubt. I need to at least see the little guy. I want to see him, not through a screen.

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